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SOS-Retail Services provides project/construction management support for all construction, installation, and merchandising requirements. In some cases SOS – RS PM’s become an extension of our Customer’s construction or project implementation department

There are a number of reasons for outsourcing in today’s increasingly competitive business environment. Historically, much of the focus on real estate, construction management, and facilities management outsourcing has centered on what services to outsource. However, as corporate users have refined their approach, service providers have grown in sophistication. Technology has made it easier to collect and analyze data. There is now more interest in how to outsource. Recognizing that outsourcing is but one piece of the overall service delivery model, how an organization approaches outsourcing opportunities is a reflection of the overall operating strategy. This is often a leading indicator of the corporate-service provider relationship structure. The goal of SOS-Retail Services is to be the primary construction partner for SCS, a trusted member of the SCS family, and recognized for the unique expertise, experienced people, and overall value provided to SCS and the process.

Over the past few years it has become clear that successful companies focus on the development of core competencies and, through outsourcing, assign critical but non-core business functions to outside specialists. This enables businesses to expand their resource base without the addition of staff and overhead expenses. It also allows for immediate efficiency and virtually eliminates the training time-line. More and more companies are turning to outsourcing as a way to partner with companies like SOS-Retail Services without the problems associated with hiring employees, employee benefits, turnover, office space, equipment, etc. In most cases, the costs of outsourcing can also be capitalized.

Short term opportunities for outsourcing project management are also common. As internal resources and critical schedules are jeopardized during peak activity periods, outsourcing this process can provide immediate support to keep programs on track, without the need to maintain project management overhead year round.

The SOS-Retail Services cadre of experienced construction/project managers provide our Customers the ability to effectively increase the volume and scope of projects without sacrificing continuity or integrity and it virtually every case at decreased cost to the Customer.

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